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Garcia Bend Trail Existing Conditions 

Figure 1 - Existing Conditions


The Sacramento River Parkway Project is a multi-phase project seeking to complete a levee top trail through the Pocket neighborhood.  The project currently includes multiple sub-projects, which will acquire property rights between Pocket Canal and Arabella Way, provide a paved levee top trail between Garcia Bend Park and Arabella Way, and provide a improved crossing from the Pocket Canal Parkway to the Sacramento River Trail.

Pocket Area Sacramento River Parkway Exhibit

Figure 2 - Project Phasing


The Sacramento River Parkway was envisioned in the 1975 Sacramento River Parkway Master Plan, and was subsequently added to the 1979 Pocket Area Community Plans.  The Parkway plan was revisited with the 1997 Sacramento River Parkway Plan Update. In the 1997 update, a preferred trail alternative was identified, locating the trail on top of the Sacramento River Levee.

In 2012, the City created an implementation plan to further the Sacramento River Parkway project.

In 2015, City Council appropriated funds to begin looking in detail at the first phase of the project through the pocket Area, between Garcia Bend Park and the Pocket Canal. In 2017, the City Council appropriated additional funds for the next phase of the project, analyzing the trail up to Arabella Way.

Sacramento Levee Gates

Figure 3-  Gates Restricting Public Access


  • Preserve, protect, and enhance the natural and cultural resources of the Parkway.

  • Recognize the multiple use aspect of the Sacramento River Parkway for recreation, habitat preservation, and flood control.

  • Increase access to its riverfront and open spaces for the enjoyment of its growing population.

  • Give incentive to walk or bike, improving overall health.

  • Contribute significant direct and indirect economic benefits to the City.

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Megan Johnson, Project Manager
Office: (916) 808-1967