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The map review process occurs when an applicant wishes to do one of the following:

Subdivide an Existing Parcel: Dividing an existing parcel into two or more new parcels. This is usually done when a property owner wishes to sell portions of the property to multiple buyers.

Lot Merger: Combining two or more adjacent parcels into one parcel. All parcels must be under the same owner, as required in Section 66499.20 3/4 of the Subdivision Map Act.

Lot Line Adjustment: Adjusting the parcel lines of four or fewer existing adjacent legal parcels. These parcels may be under the same or different ownership. A good example is taking land from one parcel and adding it to another. The adjustments, however, may not result in creating more parcels than before.

For inquiries relating to Map Review, please send an email to:

The Subdivision Process

(This review applies to both residential and commercial subdivisions, and is governed by Title 17 of the City Code.)

Requesting any changes to an existing parcel requires one of the below maps:

Parcel Map

A subdivision request for 4 parcels or less. These are granted at the discretion of the Zoning Administrator. A Tentative Map must be approved and Zoning Administrator approval must be obtained prior to submitting the Parcel Map for review.

Major Subdivisions Map

A subdivision request for 5 or more parcels. Also called a Final Map (or Master Parcel Map if parcels will be subdivided again). These are granted at the discretion of the Planning and Design Commission. A Tentative Map must be approved and Planning and Design Commission approval must be obtained prior to submitting the Final or Master Parcel Map for review.

The Community Development Department’s Planning Division processes applications for Tentative Maps, which can be submitted at the Permit Counter at 300 Richards Boulevard, 3rd Floor.

Included in Planning Division review is the Entitlement process, in which conditions of approval are placed on the Tentative Map by various agencies. For example, the Fire Department could place a condition of approval on the map that any roads constructed to serve new parcels must be able to accommodate a fire truck. Conditions for public utility easements, sidewalk improvements, street lighting, and others could be placed on the map. All conditions of approval must be fulfilled before the Parcel or Final Map will be approved and the new property lines recorded.

If Public Improvement Plans are required as a condition of the map, the Final or Parcel Map and improvement plans are reviewed concurrently.

After obtaining Tentative Map approval and Zoning Administrator or Planning & Design Commission approval, the map review process can begin. To start the process, submit the Final, Parcel and Master Parcel Map Application along with all items shown on the map submittal checklist (shown on page 2 of application) at the Permit Counter at 300 Richards Boulevard, 3rd Floor. Please see the Final/Parcel Map Approval Process Flowchart (pdf) for a detailed description of the process.

The Lot Merger & Lot Line Adjustment Process

(This review applies to Lot Mergers, Lot Line Adjustments, and is governed by Title 16 of the City Code.)

The process begins with the submittal of Lot Merger/Lot Line Adjustment application along with all the required items (as shown on page 2 of application) at the Permit Counter at 300 Richards Blvd, 3rd floor. The project is reviewed and shall comply with City requirements, City Code and State Law.

City Divisions may place additional requirements before the Lot Merger/Lot Line Adjustment can be recorded, such as payment of back taxes and current taxes, clearing public utility liens against the property, or abandoning excess water and sewer services. The owner must satisfy all requirements and submit a signed condition approval form, e-mail or letter from the respective City division.

After the property owner has complied with all requirements, a Certificate of Compliance for Lot Merger/Lot Line Adjustment is recorded at the Sacramento County Recorder’s Office. Please see the Certificate of Compliance Process Flowchart (pdf) for a detailed description of the Lot Line Adjustment and Lot Merger processes.

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