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Real Estate Services - Telecommunications Program

Telecommunications Program Permit Process

Steps in applying for a Telecommunications Permit

  1. Contact the Real Estate Services office with proposed location. Be prepared to provide the site Assessor's parcel Number (APN) and any other specific location information that may be helpful.

  2. Real Estate Services will arrange a pre-application meeting with the appropriate City staff members held at the site of your proposed use. The pre-application meeting provides the opportunity for you to fully discuss and describe your proposal in detail and provides an opportunity for City staff to identify any potential issues with the proposal. This meeting has the potential for saving both you and the City time and expense. Be sure to bring any information that may be useful during this session.

  3. Once the conceptual design is determined, bring or mail the Application Acrobat icon along with the application processing fee, to the Real Estate Services office. The City wants to make the application process as easy as possible. Accordingly, the application form requests a minimum amount of information. Incomplete information is often the reason application periods are unnecessarily prolonged.

  4. Upon determination that the application is complete, a letter of agency may be issued so that the applicant may proceed with obtaining Zoning or Special Use permit approvals with the City's Development Services Department.

  5. For applications on Park lands, Real Estate Services will arrange for the Parks and Recreation Commission to hear the proposal at it's monthly meeting.

  6. Once the project is approved by the Zoning Administrator or Planning Commission, Real Estate Services will prepare and send the Permit Agreement to you for signature.

  7. Once the agreement is signed by the applicant and returned to the City it is reviewed by the City Attorney Office, once approved the the City Attorney Office Real Estate Services will place the item on the next available City Council Meeting agenda.

  8. Once approved by the City Council and executed by the City manager and City Clerk, a copy of the agreement and Revocable Permit will be sent to you or available for pick up at our office.


There are three different fees involved for a Revocable Permit grant:

Application Fee associated with your application By resolution of the City Council (currently $5,000), the first charge will reimburse the City in advance for the expected administrative and other costs incurred in processing the application. Processing fees must be paid when the written application is submitted. If the processing costs exceed the application fee amount, the applicant will be required to reimburse the City for the actual costs.

Inspection fees
The second charge is a potential one-time fee to reimburse the City for the inspection costs during the course of construction, City may be required to provide on-site supervision and inspection services because Permittee may be performing work on and around City facilities. Permittee shall, upon billing by City, promptly pay the entire cost of such on-site supervision and inspection services as are directly related to the construction activities of Permittee during the course of construction and until final City inspection and approval. Typically both parties agree on a "not to exceed" amount for these services.

Annual Rental Amount
The third charge is the annual rental. As established by resolution of the City Council. It is based on the fair market rental value and is determined by an administrative schedule adopted by City Council. (See Fee Schedule) Acrobat icon

Documents and Forms

More Information
For more detail see City Code Section 3.76.050 Telecommunications facilities located on city-owned property.