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About Sustainability

New City Hall

The City of Sacramento has been a leader in our region in moving towards sustainability and livability. Through the adoption of a Sustainability Master Plan (SMP) in 2007, the 2030 General Plan in 2009 and by implementing important programs and projects which are already carrying out these plans, the City has demonstrated a clear commitment to sustainability.

Since 2007, the City’s SMP set forth high level policy goals for the City. Each year after the SMP was adopted the City developed annual Sustainability Implementation Plans which detailed the programs and projects that would be implemented each year to move the City closer towards reaching its goals.

In 2009, the City adopted its 2030 General Plan which was influenced by the goals of the SMP. In fact, many of the goals of the SMP were incorporated into the 2030 General Plan.

Finally in 2012, the City adopted the Climate Action Plan (CAP). All of the goals set forth in the SMP have been adopted and incorporated within the CAP and the General Plan. Therefore, the City now moves forward with one voice on sustainability through its CAP.

To learn more about the programs and projects that the City is implementing, visit the Projects page.