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Climate Change Adaptation

Photo of a Tree

Sacramento’s urban forest absorbs heat and helps keep ambient air temperatures lower.

The City of Sacramento recognizes it is important to prepare for climate change impacts. Some of the potential impacts expected in our region include:

  • More frequent extreme temperatures
  • Higher energy demands
  • More limited water supplies
  • Increased fire and flood risk
  • Public health risks such as air quality impacts and disease vectors

We can prepare for climate change by planting heat resistant tree species to help keep our city cool; improving the efficiency of how we use water and energy; preserving and expanding water sources; protecting the public from increased health risks and safety hazards; promoting a climate-resilient economy; and planning for potential impacts to public infrastructure.


  • Create a community that is resilient to the effects and impacts of climate change.
  • Improved efficiency of water supply infrastructure
  • Reduced damage to infrastructure
  • Well prepared for emergencies

What's being done

For more information see Climate Action Plan Chapter 4, Strategy 6.


What can I do?

Insulate your attic and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Make your next roof a “cool roof.

Plant shade trees around your home.

Install a low-water use landscape and irrigation system.

Generate your own renewable energy: install solar panels, or a solar water heater.

Have an emergency plan for your household and your business.