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Sustainable Land Use

A community get-together

Sustainable land use means using land assets in a way that provides benefit to air quality, water quality, as well as access to transportation options, economic vitality and quality of life.

It is vitally important to promote and create Sacramento communities that offer a diverse range of uses of existing land, buildings, and spaces, while also meeting the needs of our community.

The City is committed to fostering sustainable land use policies and creating sustainable communities, evident in the 2030 General Plan.

The general plan is a guiding document that provides the foundation to land use policy by ensuring that the city uses land efficiently, preserves the character of existing neighborhoods, and incorporates natural resources.

In addition, incorporating changes to city codes to garner more infill development, implementing programs to encourage more green building, and changing zoning codes and encouraging the adoption of solar are all actions the city is taking to further reduce vehicle miles traveled per capita in new development by 35 percent.


  • Promote sustainable growth patterns and infill development
  • Create more complete neighborhoods (where residents have access to amenities and resources)
  • Support mixed-use development policies to increase the diversity of uses in urban and suburban developments and improve jobs to housing ratio
  • Require sustainable development practices, incorporating green building approaches

What's being done

  • Proactive residential neighborhood planning for existing neighborhoods.
  • Implementation of mixed-use policies of the 2030 General Plan
  • Improve job to housing balance through revisions to the city’s zoning code to allow for greater mixed of uses in key areas
  • Encourage and incent solar access through zoning code changes
  • Reduce impact fees to better reflect the impacts associated with all building types
  • Fast-track permit process for solar and electric vehicle charging stations
  • Enhance walkability and connectivity through the 2030 General Plan urban design policies
  • Update parking zoning to better reflect urban versus suburban parking requirement
For more information see Climate Action Plan Chapter 4, Strategy 1.

What can I do?

Support City sustainable land use and complete neighborhood infill, mixed-use, and higher-density efforts and initiatives.

Check your home’s "Walk Score" at to find out how your home and neighborhood compare with other parts of Sacramento, and activities that are within walking distance of your home.

Telecommute or work from home versus driving.