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Fleet management

Fleet Management Division is an operating unit of the Department of Public Works. Customers of Fleet Management are the vehicle and equipment users employed by all departments of the City of Sacramento. Please read our Fleet Business Plan 2019.

Fleet Scope of Core Services

Services provided include maintenance and repair of City vehicles and equipment such as sedans, light and heavy duty trucks, trailers, tractors and miscellaneous equipment.

  • Maintenance and repair of City vehicles and equipment
  • Maintaining the operating safety and regulatory compliance of the city’s fleet and fleet infrastructure
  • Procuring necessary vehicles and equipment as approved on annual replacement budget
  • Asset management, budgeting and reporting
  • Vehicle and equipment replacement, scheduling and forecasting
  • Fuel management, fuel system management, consumables tracking and reporting
    • 14 underground fuel tanks
    • 30 above-ground fuel tanks
    • 2 propane tanks

Maintenance Solutions

Fleet Management is responsible for over 2,300 vehicles and pieces of mobile equipment.

After ten years of operation, NAPA continues to provide a cost saving solution for the City of Sacramento Fleet Department. NAPA Integrated Business Solutions (IBS) provides a full service parts department dedicated to the City of Sacramento Fleet Department. NAPA currently services 5 of the City's garage locations.

Regulatory Compliance

City of Sacramento Fleet is in compliance with the following California Air Resources Board (CARB) and California state regulations:

  • Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP)
  • Diesel Off-road Online Reporting System (DOORS)
  • Fleet Rule for Public Agencies
  • Utilities Solid Waste Collection Vehicle Rule