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Services Provided

Services provided include maintenance and repair of City vehicles and equipment such as sedans, light and heavy duty trucks, trailers, tractors and miscellaneous equipment. Fleet provides asset management and budgeting for replacement vehicles and equipment, specification development, and fuel and energy management. Specifications for replacement and additional vehicles and equipment are developed with customer involvement to provide the most effective tools for their operations.

Fleet provides motor pools at City Hall and the Corporation Yard on 24th Street for occasional use vehicles and equipment, special equipment, and locating and renting from outside sources, for both short- and long-term usage.

During emergencies, Fleet supports the City by locating, arranging for, and coordinating transportation as needed by all City departments and other agencies represented in the Emergency Operations Center. Fleet is also responsible for energy supply and auxiliary sources of power and coordination with the utility companies due to energy outages for the City as a whole.

Services at a glance:

  • Vehicle and equipment maintenance.
  • Vehicle and equipment body (crash) damage repair and painting.
  • Motor pool for occasional use, special use, long and short term rental.
  • Specification development, procurement, and contract management.
  • Asset management, including depreciation, budgeting, and accounting.
  • Fuel and oil supply and management, underground storage tank oversight.
  • Hazardous material handling and disposal.
  • Parts procurement and inventory control.
  • Computerized inventory support.
  • Air quality (vehicle and equipment emissions, alternate commute) program development, support and advocacy.
  • Emergency energy (auxiliary generator) coordination, maintenance and oversight.
  • Equipment modification and specialty fabrication for improved and more efficient operations and to better suit customer needs.