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Green Fleet

City of Sacramento Fleet received national recognition as the top government green fleet in North America.

2019 Ranked No. 1 of Top 50
2018 Ranked No. 2 of Top 50
2013 Ranked No. 1 of Top 50

Green Fleet Updates

  • Fleet Sustainability Policy
    The City of Sacramento is committed to improving the region's air quality.

  • Food becoming fuel for Sacramento City trucks and street sweepers
    Food once tossed in the trash is now powering cars in Sacramento. A first-of-its-kind program is already showing benefits for the city of Sacramento...see more

  • Sacramento Launches 'Tap & Go' Car Share Technology for EV Motor Pool!
    The City of Sacramento is using a new technology to help expand use and better manage the electric vehicles in its motor pool. Local Motion, a California-based technology company, is providing in-vehicle hardware, a mobile app, and an online platform to manage five electric vehicles used by City employees...see more

  • Workplace Charging Challenger Partner Plan Acrobat icon 
    The City of Sacramento and its residents have been early supporters and early adopters of plug-in vehicles. Additionally, the City of Sacramento itself has purchased numerous plug-in vehicles for use in its own fleet. The fringe benefit of this leadership by example is that as city employees use these vehicles for city-related tasks, employees become more familiar with the technology.

  • Remote Vehicle Analytics Monthly Report Presentation 
    Monthly idle, utilization, GHG (Green House Gas), and driver report.

  • CNG License Agreement with Sacramento Regional Transit (RT) Acrobat icon
    Agreement to allow the City to use the RT fuel site to purchase compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel for City vehicles.

  • Chargepoint Usage at our City Garage and Facilities Acrobat icon
    Statistics that show how much gasoline, energy and GHG the City of Sacramento has saved from Aug 2012 through Aug 2013.

  • Clean Cities Outreach Acrobat icon
    Sacramento Clean Cities Outreach Methods that leverages existing professional connections to produce quality events and highlight Coalition resources.

  • Sacramento to Fuel Refuse Vehicles with Renewable Natural Gas
    The City of Sacramento is taking its greening efforts a step further - its compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks will soon be fueling with CNG produced from food waste. In June, Clean World, which constructed the Sacramento BioDigester, began providing renewable CNG to the adjacent CNG fueling station, owned by Atlas Disposal and operated by Clean Energy Fuels. The station dispenses natural gas sourced from the digester supplemented by pipeline natural gas. Atlas Disposal, a Sacramento-based waste and recycling removal company, is already fueling 17 CNG refuse haulers at the facility...see more

  • Workplace Charging Challenge Partner: City of Sacramento
    In 2012, Sacramento's City Council adopted a resolution to proceed with a contract to implement "Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Various City Public Parking Garages." The City of Sacramento installed a total of 28 charging stations, some of which are available for use by the City and other area employees. Several of the charging stations are powered by the solar panels on city parking garage rooftops.

  • Clean Cities Now Acrobat icon
    Liquefied Natural Gas Allows For Cleaner Refuse Collection in Sacramento (Pg. 6 & 7)

  • City of Sacramento Fleet installs Solar Powered EV chargers
    City of Sacramento officials recently laid the last panel on an 800+ kilowatt system at the City's South Area Corporation Yard. City officials celebrated with SolarCity and Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) the completion of the first of four solar installations on City facilities. Solar panels were placed on parking canopies located in the employee parking lot area...see more

  • Data Integration Boosts Sacramento's Fleet Efficiency: “Today, we have business intelligence to make data-driven decisions that support continuous improvement of our fleet operations.” The City of Sacramento fleet of 2,300 vehicles used by fire, solid waste, and recycling, transportation, and parks and recreation departments includes 115 refuse trucks...see more

2013 GHG Emissions Report for City of Sacramento

The purpose of the Utilimarc Report Acrobat icon is to provide initial baseline information that will provide an opportunity to be able to track and trend fuel consumption by type and total fleet GHG emissions on an annual basis for the City of Sacramento fleet.

The different types of fuel in the Utilimarc database are as follows:

  • Unleaded Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Propane
  • CNG
  • CNG Bi-fuel
  • LNG
  • LNG Bi-fuel
  • E85
  • Gas/Electric Hybrid
  • Diesel/Electric Hybrid

Summary Report for City of Sacramento Fleet

Gasoline consumption reduction of 10% from 2011 to 2013
 — LNG fuel consumption increased 87% from 2011 to 2013
 — Diesel fuel consumption decreased by 34% from 2011 to 2013
 — E85 fuel consumption increased by 116% from 2011 to 2013
 — Fleet consumed 703,419 less gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel in 2013 compared to 2009
 — In 2013, fleet had a decrease of 33.5% in total gasoline and diesel fuel consumption compared to 2009
 — Greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 3,040 metric tons from 2009 to 2013. This represented an 11% decrease from 2009 to 2013