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Street Landscape Maintenance

The City of Sacramento’s Streetscape Maintenance section is responsible for the maintenance and repair of public landscaping. The maintenance includes medians and special district-funded street frontages along arterial roadways, neighborhood gateways, and other public spaces.  Routine landscape maintenance operations such as mowing, trimming, weeding and irrigation are provided by contracted landscape maintenance companies. 


The Streetscape Maintenance section provides management and oversight to contractors charged with maintaining safe, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing greenspaces that enhance and improve the quality of life.  A Streetscape Maintenance Inspector is assigned to oversee each maintenance agreement, ensuring compliance with the contract, and observing work both during and upon completion. 

Streetscape Maintenance staff oversees the maintenance of more than 498 acres of landscaping within the city, including:

  • 238 sites, comprised of landscaped medians, paseos, and street corridors
  • 170 pedestrian islands and roundabouts
  • 79 alleyways
  • five freeway overcrossings and six pedestrian bridges
  • 42 sound walls
  • 308 non-landscaped medians
  • 60 City-owned facilities, parking lots, and redevelopment properties

View the Roadside & Ditches Weed Control Schedule.


A key role of the Streetscape Maintenance section is responding to customer service and special request calls encompassing a wide variety of activities such as: water waste, vandalism, damage control, and any emergency work and repairs.  To report an issue, please contact the City’s 311 call center, with a detailed location and problem.  An inspector will promptly investigate and arrange for necessary maintenance or repairs.


Streetscape Maintenance staff work with development and engineering staff to coordinate new landscape projects. Staff assists with design and budget review, provide recommendations, and perform inspections and final walk-through on completed projects. Additionally, staff support project managers throughout the various stages of construction.

Contracts for maintenance will be growing right along with the construction of new landscaped areas.  Contractors interested in doing business with the City are invited to visit the City of Sacramento Vendor Portal and review the general specifications and provisions for providing landscape maintenance services (PDF).