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Street Resurfacing Program

The City has developed a five-year street resurfacing program to schedule maintenance activities on city streets. The maps below show the streets which are part of this year's program and the complete five-year program:

NOTE: There may be delays in implementation of planned street resurfacing projects on this map. The planned year of rehabilitation for each street is subject to change due to conflicting construction work, budgetary constraints, or unforeseen circumstances, some of which arise after the resurfacing project has begun.

Notification of Street Resurfacing in Your Area

Convenience for businesses and residents is a top priority during the street resurfacing process. Because advance warning of roadwork is crucial, the City wants you to be ready. You'll be notified with a reminder hanging on your door three to five days before your street is resurfaced. This notice will contain information about when the roadwork will occur. Note, before and after the actual resurfacing, work crews may be seen performing other work on the street. Street resurfacing typically occurs in the summer and fall. Although the roadwork is scheduled around commute hours, the details of what to expect are different for each type of resurfacing. Most commonly, no vehicles will be allowed on the street during the resurfacing process and the street will be closed for a portion of the day.