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About Urban Forestry

Guy in tree

What is the Urban Forest?

Sacramento’s urban forest refers to all trees and vegetation within the urban area, both public and private. Generally, only about 20 percent of the urban forest is comprised of public trees. The vast majority is under private care and in our front and back yards. The urban forest is a network that extends beyond our city boundaries. Sacramento’s urban forest is a part of a larger regional network that includes Sacramento County and our neighboring counties and cities. Sacramento’s Urban Forestry section is specifically focused on planting, protecting and maintaining trees located in the city right-of-way, parks and public spaces. These trees provide us with multiple benefits and are a unique green infrastructure that continually gives back when properly maintained. In fact, City trees are the only public assets that can increase in value as they age.

What We Do

The Urban Forestry section of the Department of Public Works is charged with the care of our urban forest. Staff members in the Urban Forestry section, many being Certified Arborists and having decades of experience, do the following:

  • Plant, maintain, prune and remove public trees
  • Issue permits to prune, remove, or impact city and private protected trees
  • Review pre-development plans and landscape plans that involve city or private protected trees
  • Create and maintain a list of preferred street trees
  • Partner with external non-profit organizations to expand the urban forest and to educate citizens about the right tree in the right place and proper tree care

For more information on the Urban Forestry's FAQ please visit our Tree Questions page.