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parking programs for businesses and employees

If you own, operate or conduct business within the Central City, there are a variety of parking options available, many offering a deep discount over the daily parking rate. The City of Sacramento also specializes in finding creative parking options for businesses in need of finding alternative employee parking locations or management of any parking facility the business may currently own.


Businesses located within a Residential Permit Parking (RPP) zone with company vehicles registered to the business address may qualify for a Vehicle Permit to park registered company vehicles. This permit allows company vehicles to park at or near the permit address, but no more than three blocks away. There is no limit to the number of company vehicles that may receive a Vehicle Permit, so long as each vehicle is applied for separately. Permits are free of charge and expiration dates are reflected on the permit. The permit is a sticker type that must be adhered to the rear bumper of the vehicle.

Delivery permits are also available for non-commercial vehicles to park in alleys for a maximum of 30 minutes to conduct loading and unloading operations.

Businesses that provide services required for the safety, health and well-being of any persons affected by the problem may qualify for Emergency Permits to allow parking in an alley for the entire duration of time needed to perform work. Typically, businesses providing services such as heating/air conditioning repair, computer, elevator, fire extinguisher, fire alarm service, plumbing and electrical utilize these permits.

If your business wishes to provide a valet service to guests, please review the Valet Permit rules and regulations, including all permits and fees required to operate a valet service within the Central City.


The City of Sacramento offers discounted parking options to those employed within the Central City in an effort to accommodate a majority of work schedules and wage levels.

Many parking options located near the outer areas of the Central City now offer low daily and monthly rates in lots and garages that are near bus lines, Regional Transit Light Rail or are within biking distance so employees can park and ride a short distance to work. Check out the location of these lots under Rates and Locations. Other alternative options include free parking for motorcycles parked in designated motorcycle parking spaces, deep discounts for motorists with Electric Vehicles and AMCO garage passes for those who only drive into work on occasion.

Most discount programs also offer businesses the option to sign employees up under "Company Accounts" to cover the employee parking costs and/or to manage its employee parking program through its own payroll deduction program. For more information on Company Accounts or options to accommodate employee parking, please email: and use the subject line: Parking Options for Business Employees.


Merchant Validation coupons are available for businesses to offer up to $5 off the parking cost at any designated City-owned or operated garage facility. Merchants may only offer these discounted coupons to customers who purchase $5 or more of merchandise or services at their establishment.

To register as a participating merchant, please read the rules and regulations for the Merchant Validation Program, including the registration process and fees. Coupons are $0.50 each and must be purchased in groups of 100. The coupons will reflect a face value of $5. There is no cash value for amounts not used on the coupons. A convenient online re-order form is now available for participating merchants to replenish stock. Orders require a 72-hour lead time as coupons are printed as ordered.