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Disabled Placard Abuse

It is illegal to:

  • Lend your DP placard to another person. DP placards are not transferable
  • Forge a physician’s signature to obtain a DP placard
  • Use someone else’s DP placard
  • Possess or display a counterfeit placard
  • Provide false information to obtain a placard
  • Alter a placard or a placard identification card

Per the California Vehicle Code, abuse of a DP placard may result in cancellation and revocation of the placard, including loss of all privileges it provides. Furthermore, abuse of a DP placard is punishable by a minimum fine of $250 up to $3,500 or imprisonment up to 6 months, or both.

California Vehicle Code §§ 1825, 4461, 4463, 21458, 22511.5, 22511.6, 22511.7, 22511.55, and 22511.59. Business and Professions Code §13660.

Disabled Placard Abuse enforcement

The City of Sacramento Parking Enforcement Division is authorized by California Vehicle Code § 22511.56 enforce the misuse of disabled person placards. 


enforcement by state of california department of motor vehicles 

The Department of Motor Vehicles conducts periodic operations throughout the state each month in an effort to reduce the impact disabled person parking placard fraud has on those who need accessible parking. Results are posted on the California DMV News page. 

enforcement by city of Sacramento Task Force on Placard ABUSE (STOP ABUSE)

To help reduce the misuse of disabled placards, the Sacramento Task Force On Placard ABUSE (STOP ABUSE) was formed on November 12, 1996. STOP ABUSE consists of specially trained Parking Enforcement Officers who investigate complaints on disabled placard abuse and issue misdemeanor citations of the California Vehicle Code when necessary.

Abusers of DP placards prevent disabled persons with valid DP placards from finding accessible parking, which causes a hardship for many who rely on DP parking spaces when they need to shop or conduct business. In addition, DP placard abusers also prevent non-disabled patrons from parking at non-disabled spaces by using the DP placard to park for free or for long stretches of time. The efforts of STOP ABUSE will allow more parking spaces to free up and facilitate a better flow of traffic in and around the city of Sacramento.

Reporting Placard Abuse

Information received is strictly CONFIDENTIAL!

If you feel someone is misusing a disabled placard, or if you have any information regarding DP placard abuse, you may contact one of the following agencies:

Sacramento Task Force On Placard ABUSE
300 Richards Blvd.
2nd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95811

Fax: (916) 808-7501