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Carpool Discount

As an incentive for helping to reduce pollution and free up more parking spaces in garages, the City of Sacramento offers a special carpool rate in select garages, which may save drivers an additional 25 percent off already discounted monthly parking fees.

Discount Requirements

All riders must be able to verify that their employment is within the downtown core area bounded by E Street to the north, R Street to the south, 21st Street to the east, and the Sacramento River to the west. All riders must live/reside outside the above area.

A carpool is two or more commuters traveling together at least three days per week (Monday-Friday) to work in the downtown area. Applicants must reside within a reasonable proximity to the other carpool rider’s residence or travel route.

Each commuter in the carpool must pay for their own portion of the permit with a separate form of payment. Monthly payments must be mailed in the same envelope with each participant's name, facility, and permit number clearly written on their respective checks. If one member of the carpool utilizes the AutoPay (credit card deduction) option, then all members must also use that option for their own portion of the payment. If paying in-person each month, all members of the carpool must be present at the same time to pay their portion of the fee and present their California driver’s license. No members of the carpool may pay on behalf of another member.

Corporate customers who pay for parking from company accounts are not eligible for the carpool discount.

Payment via company check for any member of the carpool is prohibited.

Garage Facility Use

Only one carpool parking permit will be issued for each carpool group. The permit is only valid at the garage to which the carpool pays their monthly fees.

All parties of the carpool are subject to the rules and regulations stated on the Monthly Garage Access Card application.

If the parking permit is not present at the time of entry or exit from the garage, the daily rate for that garage must be paid. Any daily fee paid for absence of a parking permit will not be refunded.

The permit may not be sold or transferred to any other person or group. Violation of this policy will result in a termination of the carpool account.

Application Process

All members of the carpool must appear together at the Revenue Division at the time of the initial application. Each member must have:

  • A valid photo California driver’s license or identification card
  • Most recent paycheck stub to verify employment location
  • Proof of Residency such as a current (last 45 days) utility bill, phone bill, cable bill, bank statement or insurance declaration page. Local post office box is acceptable with proper proof of address reflected on the bill or statement.

It is the carpool member’s responsibility to inform the Parking Services office of any change in employment location, residence or any other parking payment or contact information.

Carpool applications are only available at the Revenue Division.

What happens if I lose my carpool partner?

If the carpool only consisted of two members, the remaining member has 30 days from the departing member’s last day to locate a new partner. If a new carpool of two or more cannot be formed within those 30 days, the remaining member is entitled to retain the permit by paying the full monthly permit rate for that garage. This will convert the permit from a carpool permit to a regular monthly parking permit. Visit the Garage and Lot Rates page for monthly parking rates.

If the carpool eligibility is interrupted for more than 30 days and the remaining member did not convert to a monthly parking permit, then the permit will be deactivated.  After deactivation, any new carpool formed with that remaining member must then reapply for the program and acceptance is subject to garage occupancy and/or eligibility of all members of the new carpool.

sacramento city college carpool permits

Carpool permits are free of charge and issued, in limited numbers, on a first come, first serve basis. Applications are available at the start of each new semester in the SCC Administration Office. Completed applications and all required documentation must then be submitted in-person at the Revenue Divisionat 915 I Street.