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Discount Employee Parking Program (DEPP)

DEPP HID Parking Card Instructions

DEPP renewal periods are every September and March. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, renewals must be processed onlinePlease call 916-808-8500 if you need assistance.  

What is DEPP?

DEPP is a discounted employee parking program designed to give employees of the downtown area an affordable alternative to the current market parking rates. To be considered for eligibility, employees must:

  • Earn an hourly wage of $16 or less and
  • Work within the area bounded by E Street to the north, R Street to the south, 21st Street to the east, and the Sacramento River to the west.

How does the program work?

If an employee meets the minimum qualifications (as stated above), they will be issued a discounted parking permit to access a designated parking facility.

Upon sign-up, applicants must designate the single garage their DEPP permit will be accepted. Your discount will apply only in that garage. Proof of your hourly wage on a current pay stub is required to qualify for the program. Availability of the program at any facility is subject to change at any time. 

Facilities that offer this program include:

  • Capitol Garage (Restricted to Volunteers & non-paid employees only)
  • Memorial Garage
  • Old Sacramento Garage

What does it cost to join?

There is an initial $25 administrative fee for joining the program. If your card is lost or stolen, you will be assessed an additional $25 administrative processing fee. With a DEPP permit, you pay ONLY 25 cents per half hour. Discounted rates will apply upon exiting the garage.

Please Note: Abuse of any program, including attempts to validate and use a discount on the same day, will result in the immediate and permanent cancellation of all program privileges.

Sign Up

Complete the Discounted Employee Parking Program Application and bring proof of pay rate and/or hours worked (pay stub) to Revenue Services at 915 I Street, Room 1214, Sacramento, CA. Once your account is established, to keep your DEPP benefit, you must renewal your card every March and September. 


Renewals are every March and September. You may sign up any time of the year, however to keep your discount valid, you must come in-person during each renewal period. To renew, please visit the Revenue Division during the renewal month with your pay stub and identification. No additional card fee is required unless a replacement card is necessary. For security purposes, renewals must be completed in person.