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Group Discounts

Whether you are having a half-day seminar, an evening event, or a conference - discounted event parking is available. Group discounted parking is not intended for entertainment filming companies or businesses that qualify to participate in the Merchant Validation Program.

Group discounted parking passes can be purchased at a savings of 20% off of the daily posted parking rates. All orders are custom made to reflect parking rates for the designated Parking Garage according to the event date and time of use. Group discounted parking passes are not accepted during pre-pay mode operation or during Golden 1 Center events. 

Group discounts are ONLY available at the following parking garages:

  • Tower Bridge Garage
  • Old Sacramento Garage
  • City Hall Garage
  • Capitol Garage
  • Memorial Garage

Pass Types

Face Value Pass (Dollar Amount)

Entitles the holder to one entry and one exit at the designated parking garage. Event Coordinators may distribute parking passes to group at any time during the event and must be used upon exit as parking payment. Ideal for breakfast, lunch, evening or half-day events.

Multi-Use Pass (24 hour increments)

Entitles the holder to multiple entries and exits for up to twenty-four hours of parking. Event Coordinators must distribute parking passes to group prior to the event date and must be used upon entry and exit at the designated parking garage. The parking pass must be used in sequential order to work properly. Ideal for event coordinators or attendees that need to come and go multiple times throughout the event for loading, unloading,  OR for guests remaining overnight. Day Passes may be purchased for multiple days if needed. 

Purchase Information

To purchase passes, see the online Group Discount Purchase Form and Terms.  For additional information on Group Discounted Parking, please contact the Validation Program Coordinator at 916-808-7475 or contact us by email.