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disabled person parking for events

Learn more about Golden 1 Center parking and resources for event patrons with disabilities.

For general information about Disabled Person Parking in Sacramento, including how to report abuse, click here

Accessible Routes to the Golden 1 center

Golden 1 Center Accessible Routes map

Off-Street Garages and Parking Lots

Off-street facilities generally have parking stalls designated for Disabled Person (DP) parking. The quantity of stalls available depend on the size of the parking facility and state laws governing the minimum number of stalls required. Patrons who choose to park in off-street facilities (garages and parking lots) are required to pay any applicable parking rates. This applies to both private and public off-street parking garages and parking lots. California Vehicle Code privileges for free parking with DP placards and license plates only apply to on-street parking. For privately owned off-street garages and parking lots which do not charge fees, vehicles with DP placards must abide by any posted ordinances or restrictions for those facilities.

Parking reservations are available to all motorists. Availability of DP spaces in off-street facilities, regardless of whether there is an event or under standard operating conditions, is on a first come, first park basis. Parking reservations generally allow entry into the facility up to two (2) hours prior to an event. Parking reservations do not guarantee a DP parking space in the facility. 


Vehicles displaying a Disabled Person placard or license plate may park for free at metered spaces. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, 22511.5 (a)(1): A disabled person (DP) or disabled veteran (DV) displaying special license plates issued under Section 5007 or a distinguishing placard issued under Section 22511.55 or 22511.59 is allowed to park for unlimited periods in any of the following zones:

  • In parking spaces with the International Symbol of Access (wheelchair symbol)
  • Next to a blue curb authorized for handicapped parking
  • Next to “limited time” green curbs
  • For free at any on-street metered parking space
  • In an area that indicates it requires a resident or merchant permit
  • At any on-street location with posted time limit zones

Persons with significant mobility limitations

Off-street parking facilities located directly across from or next to Golden 1 Center VIP Entrance on L Street are available for those who have difficulty walking more than one city-block (More than 0.2 miles). Parking reservations are available at these locations, however please check the facility's amenities to ensure they accommodate your mobility needs prior to placing a reservation.  Ability to reserve parking in these garages is subject to availability. Reservations do not guarantee a specific stall in the garage. Availability of DP stalls are on a first come, first park basis.

The list below only reflects facilities within a close proximity to Golden 1 Center and does not indicate whether the facility itself is ADA compliant. 

Facility Location Distance From Golden 1 Center
621 Capitol Mall On Capitol Mall, between 6th and 7th Streets, across the street from Golden 1 Center's L Street VIP entrance 0.1 miles
Plaza 555 Garage On Capitol Mall, between 5th and 6th Streets, across the street from Golden 1 Center's L Street VIP entrance 0.1 miles
Metro Lot 701 L Street, near corner of 7th and L. East and adjacent to the Golden 1 Center's L Street VIP entrance 0.2 miles

Drop-off Locations

A designated drop-off and pick up location at J and 4th Streets is available during special events and is available to all disabled persons who wish to use this location. This location is also ideal for those who wish to utilize transportation services. Walking distance from this area to Golden 1 Center is approximately one and a half blocks.

Pedestrians who register for Paratransit services will be dropped off directly in front of the L Street entrance to Golden 1 Center. Registration may take up to 21 days. Parking garages listed above provide the next closest option to getting to Golden 1 Center.

Street closures around the perimeter of Golden 1 Center will begin approximately 60-90 minutes before each event. It is highly recommended to arrive early for any drop-off arrangements.

Questions or Concerns Regarding ADA Parking

Please email the City of Sacramento ADA Coordinator or call 916-808-8976