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Find & Reserve Event Parking  

reserve event parking ONLINE with a few simple clicks!

  • Choose your preferred parking facility and pricing,
  • Reserve your parking
  • Print or download the QR coded pass onto your smart phone (iPads and tablets are too large for scanner)
  • Show or scan the printed pass or the QR code on your smart phone to enter and later exit. Each pass allows only one entry and one exit. 

Parking reservations are subject to those events available on the SacPark Reservation site. A calendar of all special events offering parking reservations allows you to quickly choose venues and plan ahead.

Event coordinators may email to inquire about adding venues or events to the SacPark Reservation site. This is a great resource to assure guests can find parking prior to an event! 

Reservations are valid for one parking session (no in-out privileges) and expiration times vary by facility. So, park early, enjoy a meal, then walk to your event and enjoy!

Parking reservation information includes:

  • Parking facility entry and exit hours
  • Accessing your parking reservation
  • How to use parking reservations
  • Transfer parking reservations
  • How to cancel a reservation 
  • Certified Partner Satisfaction
  • Certified Partners Program

Disabled Person Parking for Events


Questions or Issues? Call Sacramento City 311 at (916) 264-5011.

Parking Facility Entry And Exit Hours

Entry and exit hours vary by operator. These hours are visible on the reservation site for each operator, underneath the parking facility name. Please view these hours prior to purchase to ensure hours accommodate your planned arrival and departure time.

City-owned facilities allow parking reservations guests entry up to 3.5 hours prior to the event start time. Make sure to check your confirmation for required entry and exit hours as hours may vary for each event.

Accessing Your Parking Reservation

After confirmation of your online reservation, you will receive an email confirming the purchase. Please check for an attachment to the email in the form of a PDF. This is your parking reservation. The reservation will have a QR code on it, therefore you will need to print this reservation to use it on your reservation date.

If you prefer to download the QR code to your phone, log onto your parking reservation account and search for the transaction.

How to Use Parking Reservations

To enter parking facility

Dependent upon the parking operator, either a parking attendant or an entry reader device will be present at the entrance when you arrive. If an attendant is present, please follow the attendant's instructions on how to use the pass. If no attendant is present, first check to ensure you have arrived at the appropriate entry time reflected on your pass. If you are at the entrance at the correct entry time, scan the QR code from your printed pass or smartphone on the entry reader. Each parking facility may utilize a different entry reader device, therefore please note where the scanner is.

If using a smartphone, please ensure the phone is set to the highest brightness setting for a proper scan.

To exit parking facility

Upon exiting, the gate arm may be up or down, depending on the operating mode of the facility. If the gate arm is down, scan the QR code from your printed pass or smartphone on the exit device and the gate arm will rise.

If using a smartphone, please ensure the phone is set to the highest brightness setting for a proper scan.

Transfer Parking Reservations

Planned to attend an event and now you can't make it? Just like event tickets, parking reservations may also be transferred to another guest. It is not recommended to transfer a parking reservation within the SacPark reservation website.

Once a reservation is transferred online, the original purchaser is no longer the owner of the reservation and cannot request for a refund or attempt another transfer.

To Transfer a Reservation

Simply forward the confirmation email, pdf file or link for the correct parking reservation session with the barcode. The "Forward" function in your email must be used to ensure the PDF attachment stays with the email you are sending. Please remind the recipient that the pass must be printed out for use. 

Please do not send duplicates of the same parking reservation to multiple recipients. Each reservation has a unique QR code that is valid for only 1 parking session. Entry scanners and attendants have the ability to detect duplicate passes and deny entry.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a recipient of a transferred reservation or purchased SacPark reservations through a different website, purchases or transfers of parking not made directly by you through the SacPark reservation system cannot be guaranteed and may put you at risk for being denied entry at that specific parking facility. The City of Sacramento is not liable for purchases, transfers or duplication of parking passes resulting in voided passes or denial of entry into a parking facility.
Changing Parking Facility

It is highly recommended that changes to reservation facilities be made as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours prior to the reservation date and time. This option is not available to season ticket holders who have purchased a reservation package.

  • Check the SacPark reservation system to ensure the alternate parking facility has availability
  • If available, reserve parking at the alternate facility
  • Print out or download your new parking reservation for use
  • Log on to your parking reservation account, then search for the original parking reservation and cancel
Cancel Parking Reservation

Cancellations are available up to 24 hours prior to the reservation event date and time at most parking facilities. To cancel a reservation,

Season Ticketholder Member Parking Package purchases require assistance from Customer Service and cannot be canceled after the first scheduled reservation event date and time have started. Please call Sacramento City 311 or 264-5011 for Season Ticketholder Parking Package cancelation assistance.

Certified Partners Satisfaction

Certified Partners are required to adhere to specific Certified Partner Program Best Practices to ensure you receive the optimal level of customer service and satisfaction. If you have questions or concerns regarding your parking experience utilizing the SacPark reservation system, please email us and a representative will contact you.

Feel free to rate your parking experience and provide the Parking Facility feedback online via!

Certified Parking Partner Program

The Certified Partners Program is a collaboration between the City of Sacramento and private parking operators to offer special event parking through the SacPark reservation system.

Interested in becoming a Certified Partner?

Parking operators participating in the Certified Partners Program will gain more exposure to potential customers while providing increased parking supply to the public during special events. Customers appreciate the one-stop convenience of seeing all available facilities nearby to their planned event venues through the SacPark reservation system. Email us to inquire!