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Bicycle Lockers & Enclosures – Getting Started

Rental Agreement Conditions

The City of Sacramento provides this low-cost service for the sole intention of providing bicycle riders an enclosed space to store bicycles and bicycle-related gear. In addition, for liability and safety reasons, riders who join this program must agree to only store bicycle-related items in the locker. These lockers are not intended to be used as personal storage for any other items.

All bicycle lockers are the property of the City of Sacramento. Any legitimate reports of storage in violation of the intended use or violation of agreement terms will result in denial of access to the bicycle locker. 

Bike locker keys will be replaced for a $25 charge.

How to Sign Up

Please call 311 (within the City) or (916) 264-5011 (outside of Sacramento) to check for availability. If space is available, complete a Bicycle Locker Agreement and submit it in-person along with the rental fees and any applicable deposit or administrative fee (see the Costs page for fee details).

Revenue Division
New City Hall
915 I Street, Room 1214
Sacramento, CA 95814

First-Time Access

Bicycle lockers utilizing a City-issued key
During the initial visit, all payments and paperwork will be processed and the key will be issued immediately. The locker will then be available for use.

Bicycle lockers utilizing a personal padlock
For security reasons, all bicycle lockers utilizing personal padlocks are initially locked with a City padlock. Upon signing up for the program and after all fees and paperwork are processed, the Customer Service Representative will supply the contact information of the facility supervisor where the bicycle locker is located. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact the facility supervisor to arrange a time and date to meet to switch out the City padlock with the customer’s personal padlock.