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Parking Citation Services

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Paying a Citation 

Citation payments are due within 21 calendar days from the issue date reflected on the citationCitation payment plans are available upon request.

Pay online: Select the blue box, above, reflecting the issuing agency. The citation number (issue number) and a credit/debit card are required for online payments. 

Pay by phone: Call 1-888-266-1314. The citation number (issue number) and a credit/debit card are required to pay over the phone. 

Pay by mail: Send a check or money order (payable to the City of Sacramento). Mailing Address: City of Sacramento Revenue Services P.O. Box 2551  Sacramento, CA 95812-2551

Pay in-person: View Revenue Customer Service office hours 

Payment plans: To request a payment plan please call (916) 808-8500 (phone hours), or email, or visit the Revenue Division during office hours with the required documentation. 


Payments must be received or contested no later than 21 calendar days from the citation issue date to avoid additional penalties. Instructions on how to contest or pay are also on the reverse side of the issued citation. If paying the citation online, the "issue number" is the citation number. If the first digit of the issue number starts with a "0" (zero), do not enter the "0", only all digits that follow that leading "0". 


contesting a citation

If you feel you were issued a citation in error, you have the option to contest the citation within 21 calendar days from the citation issue date. The initial contest process does not require a court appearance and no payment or deposit is required to submit a contest.  

We offer different options to contest your citation:

  • Click on the blue "Contest Citation" box at the top of this page to contest online and upload your supporting documents.
  • Visit the Revenue Division in-person during office hours to complete a form or submit your contest letter and any documents. 
  • Mail or drop off a completed contest form or letter of contest to: City Hall Revenue Services  915 I Street, Room 1214  Sacramento, CA 95814

All fees are "frozen" when a citation is placed on contest. Please do not submit payment until you receive correspondence from the City of Sacramento regarding the outcome of your contest. Payment is only due if your citation is not dismissed. If your citation is not dismissed through the citation contest process, you will be sent information on how to appeal the decision through an Administrative Hearing. If your citation is dismissed, you will not owe any fees unless there is an administrative fee associated with dismissal of a citation related to a disabled placard violation.

For citations issued on Sacramento County or Sac RT (Regional Transit) parking facilities, the contest process is conducted through those respective agencies. 




Current review status of contested citations may be found by clicking on the blue Contest Citation box, above, and entering the citation information. The "issue number" is the citation number. If the first digit of the issue number starts with a "0" (zero), do not enter the "0", only all digits that follow that leading "0". 

Contests are reviewed in the order received. Depending on the volume of contests, decisions may take from 90 days to six months, depending on the review agency where the citation was issued. Due to the research involved to resolve contests, definite timelines for results cannot be provided. Results will be sent via U.S. mail to the address provided on the citation contest form. Please ensure that the correct mailing address is reflected on the contest form. 


A surcharge totaling $12.50 is added to all parking citations in accordance to the California State Budget Act of 2010. This surcharge is a mandatory collection that goes directly to the State of California. The summary of the surcharge is as follows:

$2.50 Courthouse Construction Fund (GOV §76100)

$2.50 Criminal Justice Facilities Construction Fund (GOV §76101)

$4.50 State Courthouse Facilities Construction Fund (GOV §70372(b))

$3.00 State Trial Court Fund (GOV §76000.3)



Inquiries about citation payments, contests, or payment plans may be directed to (916) 808-8500 (Revenue phone hours) or email.  

To research codes or learn more information about the citation process, please visit the Parking Enforcement page