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Contest Process

How To Contest A Parking Citation

If you wish to contest a parking citation, you may do so online or in writing within 21 calendar days of the citation issue date. For citations issued in Sacramento County or Sac RT (Regional Transit) parking facilities, the contest process is conducted through those respective agencies. A court appearance is not required to contest a citation. 


If not contesting online, please print out and complete a citation contest form or write a letter that contains the following information:

  • Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Daytime Phone number
  • Citation Number
  • Date of the Citation
  • Location of Citation
  • Violation Code
  • Vehicle License Number
  • For meter-related citations: Meter address and "PKGS" number located on pole (single space meters) or on face of Pay & Display (green kiosks) meters
  • The reason for contesting the citation, including any supporting documentation such as pictures or drawings.
  • Contests relating to disabled placard citations must attach a copy of the Disabled Person Parking Placard and valid Placard Registration

Completed forms may be mailed or dropped off at the Revenue Services Division

City of Sacramento Revenue Division
915 I Street, Room 1214
Sacramento, CA 95814

Contests are reviewed in the order received. Depending on the volume of contests, decisions may take from 90 days to six months. Results will be mailed to the address provided. Inquiries may be directed to (916) 808-8500 (Monday – Friday, 9 am – 1 pm).

What Happens Next?

When the contest form is received, the "penalty clock" stops until the citation is reviewed. There are no additional penalties assessed during this time.

The citation will be reviewed by the issuing agency. An investigation of the citation may be made. This may include an on-site verification of defective meters by the Parking Meter Repair Shop.

If the citation is found to be invalid, you will be notified by mail and no further action is required.

If the citation is found to be valid, you must pay the penalty amount due, or request an administrative hearing and deposit the full amount due by the deadline on the mailed notice.