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city Parking Map

Do you want to know more about your parking options at a specific location within the City of Sacramento? The map below shows various on-street and off-street options. You can get information about each off-street facility by clicking on the facility. For on-street parking, you can find time zones, residential parking permit (RPP) zones, and white and yellow zones, by changing the map layers.

Effective 2016, the City of Sacramento implemented tiered pricing on all single-space smart meters. Signage on the street at these meters will appear in a round circle reflecting either 1+, 2+, 3+ or 4+ to indicate how many hours the base meter rate will be charged before tiered rates are required to remain parked at the meter. There are no longer time limits at these meters as long as the meter is paid while the vehicle occupies the parking space. The map will reflect round symbols with 1, 2, 3, or 4 and "unlimited" when the space is clicked on to reflect how many hours the base rate will be charged before the tiered rates are required. (Printable SacPark Tiered Rate Guide)

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If you are searching for an address, please add Sacramento, CA after your search text.
For intersections, use an & between both streets, followed by Sacramento, CA

This map may not reflect all recent changes.  See posted signs for current time zones and restrictions.