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SacPark meters (formerly spotzone)

City Council adopted the implementation of tier-based pricing on all short-term meters on March 22, 2016.

With SacPark meters, parking time extensions may be done by paying remotely using the Parkmobile App or by simply paying at the meter. This means motorists now have the flexibility of spending more time at meetings, shopping, or dining out with friends. Download the SacPark reference guide that shows all the pricing tiers and how to pay.

The SacPark meter program is not a rate increase. It is an optional program for motorists to utilize in the event they need a little extra time to park. The regular parking rate still applies during the posted number of hours. Motorists who do not wish to use this feature may move their vehicle from the parking space when the posted time expires, as they did under the former posted time limit regulations. Vehicles that remain parked at a meter beyond the posted time without payment will be subject to a parking citation.

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2+ hour tiered pricing graphic

Pricing for additional time will be determined by a tiered-rate structure.

• Tier 1 pricing will be the regular meter rate, up to the posted time limit; and

• Tiers 2 and 3 pricing will consist of premium rates, should the driver choose to remain parked at that meter beyond the posted time.

Learn more about the pricing structure.


In an effort to ease traffic congestion and enhance the parking experience, the City of Sacramento launched a pilot study called SPOTZone, or Special Parking Over Time. The pilot project, approved by City Council on November 10, 2015, offered drivers the option of extending a metered parking session beyond the posted limit. The SPOTZone pilot, officially launched on December 11, 2015, was conducted on selected metered areas on J St in Old Sacramento and in the Handle District at 18th and L streets.

The trial period took place for 90 days (December 10, 2015 - March 1-, 2016). Results of the pilot revealed that turnover was still achieved and a small percentage of motorists who needed extra time, were able to utilize this option and avoid a parking citation. Implementation of the full SPOTZone program citywide was approved by City Council on March 22, 2016. The SPOTzone program was later changed to SacPark to reflect the new brand of parking programs offered by Parking Services. Conversion of metered spaces to the SacPark program will be a phased approach, starting within the downtown core. Expansion to other meters will depend on parking needs in other locations.


The SPOTZone pilots were conducted on selected metered areas in Old Sacramento, and in the Handle District in Sacramento.

Handle District SPOTzone Pilot Map

18th St & L St (Handle District)

On 18th St between L St and Liestal Alley in the handle district of Midtown, Sacramento.

Old Sacramento SPOTzone Pilot Map

J St (Old Sacramento)

Located on J St between Front St and Firehouse Alley in Old Sacramento.