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Apply for a Residential Permit

COVID-19 UPDATE: As a safety precaution in response to COVID-19, the Revenue Customer Service counter has new hours. Residents applying for new permits or renewals must submit the required documentation indicated below via mail, fax or the online Request Portal. For additional assistance, please email or call 916-808-8500 during phone hours.

Renewals or requests for additional permits require the same documentation as applying for a new permit.  

EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 1, 2020: Vehicle Permit sticker issuance will discontinue and be replaced by virtual Vehicle Permits using vehicle license plate numbers. Residents of Area H will receive virtual Vehicle Permits instead of bumper stickers during renewal period that will be activated on January 1, 2021. Any Visitor Permit requested will continue to be in physical placard form and mailed to the permit address reflected on the Residential Permit Application submitted for new or renewal accounts. Requests for new Vehicle Permits for any permit area will receive a Virtual Vehicle Permit instead of a bumper sticker.



Submission of a completed Residential Permit Application or Temporary Residential Permit Application is required for any permit request, along with any of the following documentation. Please refer to the drop-down boxes, below, to determine what documentation is required in addition to the application.  

DMV Registration: A valid DMV registration reflecting resident’s name and the address where the residential permit will be registered to. Local post office box is acceptable only with proper proof of permit address reflected on registration. 

Proof of Residency: Entire current (last 45 days) copy of utility bill, phone bill, cable bill, bank statement or insurance declaration page reflecting resident's name and address where the permit will be registered. Property owners may submit a copy of current tax statement.

*Chart below reflects eligibility in general. Each application is still subject to review for correct documentation and limits to the number of permits per household.