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Temporary Construction Parking Permit

Parking Services Division provides Temporary Construction Parking Permits to contractors who carry large, and/or heavy equipment and/or materials in the bed of their truck. Simple hand tools and/or maps are not considered heavy equipment. A contractor's vehicle must be registered as "Commercial" with the DMV and the permit is only valid for metered and time limited spaces only.

Temporary Construction Permits are not intended for use in Residential Permitted areas. For information on Residential Home Improvement Parking Permits, please reference the requirements under the Residential Parking Permit Program Special Permit Needs section.

Permit Eligibility

Applicants must meet criteria to be eligible to purchase a Temporary Construction Permit:

  1. A current Business Operation Tax Certificate from the City of Sacramento must be provided as proof to meet the City’s requirements to conduct business and perform work within the city limits.

  2. Permit must be used by a licensed contractor.

  3. Contractors must be working on multiple projects in the downtown core area.

  4. Applicant needs permit to park at metered spaces located at or near the job site. No specific meter can be reserved with this permit.

Please note that the above are criteria to determine eligibility only. Each application is subject to a review. Submitting an application does not guarantee issuance of a permit. The contractor will be notified if the application is accepted or denied.

Applicants who do not meet the above criteria or who only have one job location may need to submit a Meter Reservation Request instead.


Each permit is $100.00 per month. Contractors may purchase permits up to 3-months at a time.

Apply for temporary construction permit

Contractors must complete the Temporary Construction Parking Permit Application online.

The Revenue Division will notify the contractor and advise if the application is approved or denied. Once approved, permits are purchased at the Revenue Division Customer Service Desk.

Please allow 5 business days for processing.

Revenue Customer Service Desk
915 I Street, Room 1214
Sacramento, CA 95814 


For questions please call the On-Street Temporary Construction Permit office at 916-808-5110.