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Create a Parkmobile account using the mobile app, through a web browser, or by calling (916) SAC-PARK. Registering an account is free; however, there is a convenience fee for each parking transaction. For the best experience when parking, we recommend that you register your account prior to the first use.

To register, please have available your:

  • Cell phone number (this will be the number Parkmobile associates with the account)
  • Email address
  • License plate number
  • Credit card information


Once you have registered an account, the Parkmobile system will remember the payment information associated with the account. Anytime the system is used to pay for parking, through the app, web page, or a phone call, you won't need to re-enter your payment information. The Parkmobile system can assist you with locating your parked vehicle, track your parking session, and if selected, send you a reminder when the parking time is about to expire.

If you are away from the meter or parking lot and need to add time, simply use the app or make a call prior to the expiration of your current parking session, and the session will be extended. Please note that if you extend time past the posted time restriction for the location where you parked, you may be subject to a citation. For example, a 1-hour time limit zone only allows parking for no more than one hour on that block face for that day.