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Parkmobile Locations


Parking payments completed through Parkmobile will automatically update the meter. If the meter does not reflect the payment immediately, you can be assured that your payment has been recorded and verified. Should a parking citation be issued as a result of a Parkmobile payment that did not update immediately, customers may contest the citation online.


To locate an off-street parkmobile parking location that accepts Parkmobile for payments, you may use the Zone Map function of the mobile app (it finds the nearest Parkmobile parking lot based on your current location), or visit Rates & Locations at New locations are being added constantly.

When parking in an off-street parkmobile parking lot, your vehicle’s license plate is used to confirm parking payment. Please be sure that your vehicle license plate is up-to-date in the parkmobile app and has been entered correctly. To ensure that your license plate information is correctly entered, review the license plate guide. Your vehicle's license plates should be kept clean and unobstructed so that the parking enforcement equipment can easily detect and read the number.