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Curbside Collection Services

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Yard Waste




The City of Sacramento provides curbside collection of garbage, yard waste, and recycling for residential properties which include single family homes, mixed use properties, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and some larger multifamily dwellings. Commercial services are not provided by the City.

Garbage and yard waste is collected weekly and recycling is collected every-other-week on either an A week or B week schedule.

Household Junk Pickup is provided to residential properties only. Street sweeping is provided to both residential and commercial properties on public streets.

General Collection Guidelines

  • Place containers out by 6:00 a.m.
  • Lids must be closed
  • Leave 3 feet between containers and any other obstacles
  • Downtown/Midtown: Whenever possible, residents in restricted parking zones should place containers on the curb and not in the street or gutter
  • Keep containers out of bike lanes whenever possible
  • Containers should be out for service no earlier than twelve hours before your collection day, and should be returned to the storage area on your property within twelve hours of collection.
  • Storage locations must be within, adjacent to or behind a structure, building, fence, landscaping or other barrier that substantially screens the containers from the street or public right-of-way


Report a problem - missed service, illegal dumping, container repair, Call 311 or go to

Container Sizes and Options

Choose the size and number of containers that are right for you. The city charges less for smaller garbage cans, and has a reduced rate for extra recycle and yard waste containers. Call 311 or go to to place an order. Your current container size is listed on your utility bill.

list of prices for waste containers

Start a New Service

Just moved to a new home? Need to start garbage and recycle service? Call (916) 808-5454. You can get more information on rates and billing on the billing page.