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2022 Proposed Rate Adjustments

The Recycling and Solid Waste Division (RSW) is committed to providing reliable service at the lowest possible rates. RSW implements a diligent financial planning process to ensure we meet new regulatory requirements and cover increased costs. The City of Sacramento held a Virtual Public Hearing before the Utilities Rate Advisory Commission on November 17, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. to consider adopting increases to the City’s recycling, solid waste, and street sweeping services rates. 

The Recycling and Solid Waste division implements a diligent financial planning process to ensure it can meet new regulatory requirements and cover increased costs. This effort ensures funds are available to maintain, repair, improve and streamline RSW’s operations. Detailed financial information about the division is available in our report provided to the Utilities Rate Advisory Commission on September 22, 2021. The meeting can be viewed here, and the report and presentation RSW provided for this meeting can be found in the agenda.   

The proposed rate increase will be presented to City Council during a public meeting January 25, 2022. The meeting can be joined and viewed virtually here

A provider of property-related utility services must charge what it costs to provide the services. The proposed rate increases will help address:

  • New organic waste recycling service is expected to begin in summer 2022. This is required by state law which mandates food waste recycling for all residential waste services by 2022. When the service starts, food waste will be collected in yard waste bins, along with yard trimmings and other organic waste, instead of garbage bins
  • An adjustment in disposal and operational fees for garbage and recycling services, and the need for additional staffing and equipment to serve our expanded routes.

State law allows the owner of record, or the tenant of a parcel to protest proposed rate increases for waste collection, recycling, and street sweeping services. Proposed rate increases may not be implemented if a majority of the affected property owners protests the rate increases. Instructions on filing a protest are at the bottom of this page.

For more information on rates, please view the Rate Change Flyer and email questions to

Para información sobre el ajuste de tarifas en español haga clic aquíPara información sobre la ley SB 1383 y desechos orgánicos haga clic aquí.


New Food Waste Service and Rate

Collection of residential food waste has been mandated by the State of California to begin in 2022. When implementation of this collection program starts, the City plans to have customers dispose of food waste in their yard waste container starting July 1, 2022. The proposed organic waste rates include the addition of food waste. However, there are some customers who do not receive City yard waste collection services due to an exemption. These customers will still need to dispose of food waste separately from garbage that is collected on a weekly basis, and they will be provided a new food waste only container which will be dropped off to their residence. This proposed rate is for customers who will receive only food waste services and no yard waste services. The rate will be charged when the collection program starts in 2022.




Protest Procedures

You may protest the proposed rate changes at the Utilities Rate Advisory Commission virtual public hearing by calling in at the telephone number (or using the Zoom link) provided below, OR you may file a written protest on or before the date and time set for the public hearing.


In response to Governor's Executive Order N-29-20 and the Resolution Declaring the Existence of a Local Emergency Relating to the COVID-19 Pandemic, adopted by the City of Sacramento City Council, City Council and other public meetings are currently Teleconference Meetings Only to align with local and federal guidelines and social distancing recommendations for the containment of the coronavirus.

Join this meeting via Zoom:

Webinar ID: 930 0646 5044

Passcode: 302249

Dial in via telephone: 888-788-0099 (Toll Free)

Meeting ID: 930 0646 5044 # #


Members of the public are encouraged to submit public comments electronically via eComment through the City’s official website at However, official protests must be written and mailed according to the instructions below to be counted.


Written Protest Procedures

State law allows the owner of record, or the tenant of a parcel subject to the proposed rate changes, to submit a written protest to the City Clerk at or before the time set for the public hearing. Only one protest per parcel is allowed. A written protest must include the assessor’s parcel number and address of the affected parcel. Protests regarding the proposed rate changes may be delivered in person or mailed to: 218 Protest, Office of the City Clerk, 915 “I” Street, 5th Floor New City Hall, Sacramento, CA 95814. Emailed protests will not be accepted.

La ciudad está proponiendo cambiar las tarifas de basura, reciclaje, productos de basura de jardín y barrido de calles. Favor de llamar al 311 (916) 264-5011 para más información sobre estos cambios. Intérprete disponible.

本市正在提議更改收取垃圾、廢物回收再利用、園林綠化廢棄物和街道清掃等服務的費率。若要瞭解關於這些變更的資訊,請致電311 (916) 264-5011。有翻譯人員為您服務。

Thành Phố đang đề nghị thay đổi mức phí của các dịch vụ thu gom rác thải, tái chế, phế phẩm làm vườn và quét dọn đường phố. Hãy gọi số 311 (916) 264-5011 để biết thông tin về những thay đổi này. Có cung cấp thông dịch viên.

Городское управление предлагает изменить тарифы за услуги по вывозу мусора, переработке, вывозу садово-огородных отходов и убоаку улиц. Позвоните по тел. 311 (916) 264-5011, чтобы узнать об изменениях. Доступны услуги переводчиков.

If you require translation or interpretation services for any of the above information, call 3-1-1 or (916) 264-5011.