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Franchise Application Process For Commercial Solid Waste Haulers

Per Sacramento City Code, haulers who collect, transport, transfer, dispose and/or recycle commercially-generated solid waste including putrescible organic material, must have a current valid franchise to operate in the City of Sacramento. Franchises are non-exclusive which allows franchised haulers to collect material throughout the City of Sacramento from commercial properties. The Sacramento City Code for Commercial Solid Waste Management can be viewed here

Looking for a current commercial hauler? Click here for a list of current Franchised Haulers. 

The City of Sacramento is currently accepting applications for franchise agreements. The City of Sacramento Non-Exclusive Commercial Solid Waste Franchise Application, along with required attachments, instructions and the sample Franchise Agreement are posted below.

Application Guidance

On March 18th, 2021 the City and County of Sacramento hosted a joint webinar on the new application process for both jurisdictions. A link to the recording and the presentation are below.
Recording Link (Link Passcode: .+XuI9zZ): Webinar Recording
PresentationWebinar Presentation



Application Review within 60 Days of Receipt of Application:

  • Upon receipt of the application City staff will review for accuracy and completion. 

  • If the application is complete City staff  will send an Intent -to-Award notice via email and begin the Agreement Process. 

  • If the application is not complete, City staff will work with the hauler to correct any deficiencies. Haulers must correct deficiencies within fifteen business days to keep application active. 


Agreement Process will take 45-60 days from Intent-to-Award notification until execution of a valid Franchise

  • The Franchise Agreement must first be signed by the applicant. Signatures will be collected using Adobe Sign. Please let City staff know upon submitting the completed application if an alternative signature method is needed. 

  • After it is signed by the applicant, the Franchise Agreement will be scheduled for a City Council meeting for approval.


Questions about the application and agreement process can be sent to: .