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commercial Solid waste franchises

As of July 1, 2021, businesses and commercial properties in the City of Sacramento may select from the following list of Commercial Solid Waste franchised haulers:

Hauler Name Hauler Phone Number 
AAA Services  (916)568-3456
Advance Disposal, Inc  (916)444-8676
Atlas Disposal Industries  (916)455-2800
California Waste Recovery Systems, LLC (Cal-Waste)  (916)441-1985
Elk Grove Waste Management, LLC  (916)689-4052
GreenWaste of Sacramento  (916)429-9900
North Cal Hauling Company  (916)381-9033
Patrick's Cleanup CA, Inc  (916)452-9592
Quality Construction Cleanup, Inc   (916)388-8989
Republic Services of Sacramento  (916)631-0600
Sacramento Recycling and Waste  (800)376-7633
Waste Management of Sacramento  (916)387-1400
Waste Removal and Recycling, Inc  (916)453-1400

In the City of Sacramento, businesses and commercial properties have the option to choose any current franchise hauler for each waste stream (garbage, recycling and organics recycling). The City does not have the ability to set rates for commercial haulers, nor dictate how each hauler structures their billing. Businesses and commercial properties may contact various franchise haulers to select the hauler(s) whose services and cost best suit their current needs.

Per Sacramento City Code, haulers who collect, transport, transfer, dispose and/or recycle commercially-generated solid waste including putrescible organic material, must have a current valid franchise to operate in the City of Sacramento. Franchises are non-exclusive, meaning that the City of Sacramento allows franchised haulers to collect material throughout the City of Sacramento.