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Green Waste from Landscaping on Commercial Properties

Landscaping must be recycled as it is considered organic material. If you have a landscaper that hauls your green waste away for recycling, you must file an Alternative Services Form with the City. 

  • To file an Alternative Services Form, click here: Organic Material Recycling Compliance Form (note: you will be required to enter your business or commercial property site address to verify your jursidiction, then the form link will populate).

If you manage your own landscaping or don’t have a gardening service remove the material, you must have organic recycling services at your property with sufficient capacity for both landscaping material and food waste. 

Commercial property owners must alert their gardeners that placement of yard waste in a City street at any time is illegal and both the owner and gardener may be liable for illegal dumping fines. The City’s annual Leaf Season collection in November, December, and January is for residential customers only.

Commercial property owners, or their gardeners can contract with one of the City of Sacramento's current franchised haulers for yard waste collection, or dispose of the yard waste at one of the commercial yard waste disposal locations.

Landscaper cutting grass on standing mower - professional-gardener-mowing-lawn