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Before you throw something in the garbage, consider if it is really garbage, or if it can be reused or recycled. Not sure if something is recyclable? Use our new Waste Wizard to learn how to recycle and legally dispose of household junk.

What's banned from your can

Dirt - Rock - Asphalt - Construction or building materials. These materials can be taken to Certified Construction and Demolition Debris Sorting Facilities. Household hazardous waste - paint, batteries, chemicals, as well as E-waste, oil, fluorescent bulbs and medical sharps all require special handling and are illegal to dispose of in your garbage container. Check out our Household Hazardous Waste page for information on proper disposal, and programs where the city will come pick up batteries, oil and fluorescent bulbs at your door.

Household Junk Pickup

All residential customers will receive two appointments per year (Feb-Oct) for the free pickup of acceptable bulky items including yard waste. More information is available on our Household Junk Pickup page.

Dump Coupon

Recycling and Solid Waste customers are mailed an annual Service Guide and a free Dump Coupon in June .  The free dump coupon is good for a free load of material to be dumped at the Sacramento Recycling and Transfer Station (SRTS) at 8491 Fruitridge Road, Sacramento, CA 95826.

A load can be up to five (5) cubic yards 4'x4'x9' - approximately the amount you can fit into the bed of a pickup truck. Loads in excess of five cubic yards will be charged to dispose of the extra material per SRTS posted rates.