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Household Junk Pickup

Household Junk Program logo

Two free appointments per year

All residential customers can make two (2) appointments per year for the free pickup of acceptable bulky items including yard waste. Free Household Junk Pickup occurs from February through October. Due to the City's combined billing system, appointments must be scheduled in advance by the homeowner or an authorized tenant on the billing account. Items can only be put out for collection 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. 

In addition to the two Household Junk appointments, all residential customers can schedule two (2) appointments for appliance and e-waste collection in a calendar year. The appliance & e-waste program operates year round.

Please note, if an appointment is scheduled and not canceled before the pickup date, the customer's account will be charged for one free pickup. If the customer has already used their two free pickups, they will be charged a fee for the canceled pickup.

Household Junk Collection Services for a fee

If you have used your two free appointments for the year, or need to arrange for a pickup in Leaf Season - November, December or January, you can call the City Utility Billing department at (916) 808-5454. A special service pickup has a minimum fee of $34.84.

Note: The same equipment and crews that collect Household Junk by appointment are the crews that work Leaf Season. Fee based appointments during Leaf Season are very limited. Leaf collection takes priority during November, December and January.

What Can I Put Out for Household Junk Pickup?

Household Junk Appointment Guidelines

Accepted Not Accepted
Furniture Hazardous Waste**
Mattresses Explosives
Carpet Radioactive Material
Toys Bio-Hazards
Pipe (up to 6 ft) Gas Canisters**
Wood / Lumber (up to 6 ft) *** Paint**
4 unmounted tires Construction debris (i.e. dirt, rock, rubble, concrete)
Yard Waste Tires mounted on the rim
 - Leaves, Grass, sod with dirt removed  
   limbs cut to 3 feet in length  
  and no more than 4 inches in diameter  

** These items can be taken to a Household Hazard Waste Facility

*** Treated Wood Waste is now accepted in our Household Junk Program or at landfills. 

To request an appointment, customers can:

Submit Service Request