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C&D Debris Recycling Ordinance

All demolition projects, projects covered by CALGreen and building permits fall under the Construction and Demolition (C&D) ordinance which requires that 65% of all debris generated during the course of a project must be recycled.


Waste Management PlanWaste Log

Certified Construction and Demolition (C&D) Debris Sorting Facilities

Franchised Haulers List

For information about CALGreen, please visit here.



Step 1:

Fill out WMP

 Fill out the Construction & Demolition Waste Management Plan (WMP). Please call C&D at (916) 808-0965 if you have questions.

Step 2:

Submit WMP

 Submit the completed Waste Management Plan by:

  • Email: C&
  • Fax: (916) 808-4999

Step 3:



 Recycling & Solid Waste (RSW) will review for approval. Approved WMP’s will be signed, marked approved and returned to you.


Step 4:

Record loads over course of project

 All waste hauling and disposal or recycling activity must be entered on the Waste Log, including information from any subcontractors who   self-hauled their own debris off-site. Use the waste log to record all loads, keeping a copy of the weight tickets and receipts indicating the   material was recycled.

Step 5:

Submit Waste Log
Due 30 days after project completion

 Submit the completed Waste Log with a copy of the weight tickets or facility report within 30 days of project completion by:

  • Email: C&
  • Fax: (916) 808-4999


Please note: Overdue waste logs will delay future waste management plan approvals and may result in a fine. Failure to meet the mandated 65% diversion rate required by local and state law may result in a fine.



  • All projects designated as CALGreen, Demolition and New Construction

    Exemptions:  Detached residential garages, residential in-ground pools, residential prefabricated structures (sheds, etc.)

    Commercial projects are not exempt

  • All Demolition Permits – structural demolition (down to the ground), interior demolition

Exemption:  Demolitions due to fire damage to correct an unsafe situation. A report from City Fire or Code Enforcement verifying the fire is necessary to receive this exemption. Remodeling due to fire damage is not exempt.


Any construction permit job value of $200,000 or more is required to recycle debris.

Valuation is determined by the City Community Development Department.


The administration fee is 0.04% of the job valuation or a minimum of $40. This fee is collected on the Building Permit and is due prior to permit issuance.

Minimum Fee: $40

Maximum Fee: $800

Recycling & Solid Waste will not approve the next waste management plan until all pending waste logs are submitted and approved. This may also result in a fine and a deposit requirement for future applications:

Fines for late waste logs:

$50-$250 for first offense
$251-$500 for second offense
$501-$1500 for subsequent offenses

1% of project valuation (max $10,000), due with fee when applying. Only applicable if permit applicant has been fined in past 12 months.