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Scavenging is a problem throughout the region and state. Here are some strategies to help curb scavenging.

  • Keep your recycling container out of view from the street, preferably behind a fence or in a garage to prevent access by scavengers.
  • Place your recycling container on the street by 6:00 a.m. the morning of your regular service day and not the night before.
  • Call (916) 264-5471 to report scavenging. Although it is a low priority - high annoyance crime, by taking the time to report scavenging, the City can track trends which can lead to scavengers being cited or arrested.
  • Never confront a scavenger
  • Don't make it easy by placing beverage containers in a separate bag as a way to keep scavengers from digging through your recycle container. It only encourages a scavenger to continue to steal recyclables from you and your neighbors.