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Parking restrictions for City Services in downtown and midtown are changing. The changes will reduce restrictions on many streets, add an additional 1,200 hours of parking a month for the entire area, and allow the City to better service each block. The biggest change is that monthly restrictions will be used on many blocks. Residential blocks will see no changes to weekly restrictions. Approximately seven blocks, where weekly service occurs, will have weekly restrictions installed.



The City recognizes that providing services to a vibrant, mixed-use area requires a balance between access for services and available parking for residents and businesses. The City needs to have access to the curb to safely and effectively provide services and the plan is to tailor the restrictions, either monthly or weekly, based on the type of services provided to each block. Changes will start in Spring of 2018. Use the interactive map to find out what will happen on your block.

 service day graphic    



Monthly restrictions are new and the biggest change. Blocks that only need monthly street sweeping will have restrictions between 8 a.m. and Noon on the first week of the month. The day of the week will be consistent with the current service days and blocks. For example, a block on the north side of J Street that only needs monthly sweeping would have a restriction from 8 - Noon the first Tuesday of the month. Many blocks that now have weekly restrictions will be reduced to once-a-month restrictions. There will also be many blocks that currently have no restrictions for City Services, that will have monthly restrictions added. This change will significantly improve street sweeping on those blocks since the City will be able to sweep to the curb.

The City conducted a successful pilot in October of 2016, testing out monthly signage in parts of midtown between 19th and 23rd, and N to Q street. The improved parking and sweeping services supports the City’s plan to apply the new restrictions across the downtown and midtown parking area. In addition to adding back 1,200 hours of parking a month, the plan also provides parity. Every customer will get the same level and quality of service as neighboring business and homes, since the City will have access to the curbs on all blocks to provide services.

 Central City Service Area

                      Map outline of restricted parking area

Questions about the City Services parking plans can be sent to or call 311.