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Leasing Opportunities

Sacramento Valley Station renderingSacramento Valley Station (SVS), the region’s intermodal transportation station, will be ready for new tenancies with approximately 25,000 square feet of leasable area in late 2016 when construction is complete.  

Request for proposal (RFP)

To fulfill the Sacramento Valley Station’s potential as a regional multimodal transportation center, and as a dynamic destination of retail and commercial businesses, the City's Department of Public Works is seeking proposals from interested parties that would potentially lease a portion of the vacant +/- 25,000 square feet currently under renovation.

The Request for Proposals was published on July 22. Read the full RFP on the Planet Bids Website.

Activity  Date 
Release Date  July 22, 2016 
Building Tours  Schedule Directly with Steve Ward
Response Deadline August 26, 2016 @ 5:00PM

The City is excited to invite your participation in this process and looks forward to receiving and reviewing your proposals. For specific information regarding the RFP submittal process please reference Section 6 of the RFP. For specific information regarding the RFP selection criteria please reference Section 7 of the RFP.

For specific information regarding the building and available suites see Section 8 of the RFI or the table below:

Total Available Vacant Suites

Measurements are usable square feet and include no load factor.

Floor Potential Suite # Square Feet Use Interior or Exterior Divisible
1st L-1 6,487 Retail Interior Yes
1st L-2 1,556 Retail / Restaurant (tied to suite L-8) Interior No
1st L-3 688 Retail / Restaurant (tied to suite L-2) Interior No
1st L-4 1,856 Retail / Restaurant Interior No
1st LX-1 1,577 Patio for Restaurant (could be tied to L-4) Exterior No
1st LX-2 549 Patio for Retail (could be tied to L-1) Exterior No
2nd L-5 10,037 Office Interior Yes
2nd L-6 653 Office Interior No
2nd L-7 1,944 Office Interior Yes
3rd L-8 1,506 Tied to Suite L-2 Interior No
3rd LX-4 1,239 Tied to Suite L-8 Exterior No