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Improving Accessibility

The Phase 2 project is improving accessible access to the station. In addition to the accessible route from 4th Street, the project is providing accessible parking stalls adjacent to the 4th street entrance path. Other access improvements include: Improved access from 5th Street along the path from the REA building property to the station walkway with a new level walkway, eliminating the existing sloped pavement. Similarly on the west side, new accessible walkways will be in place and additional accessible parking for cars and vans.

Doorways will be improved for fully functioning doorways through the main waiting room, eliminating the non-operable side doors by reactivating them and doubling the length of operable doors for increased passenger flow.

Finally, all paving surrounding the station will be removed and repaved with new concrete that will eliminate imperfections and defects in the existing concrete and asphalt patches that have accumulated over many years.