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Sacramento Valley Station Phase 2 Renovation landscaping

Historically, the station was minimally landscaped. The I Street frontage was framed by two parks symmetrically placed on the 4th Street access, but those have been whittled away with the approach ramp to the Interstate. The project will create new landscape areas in the front of the station with planters along the accessible parking areas near the 4th street entrance and the western approach from the parking lot.

The areas on the north of the building will include the re-use and relocation of the existing large terra cotta planters and new landscape beds surrounding the Amtrak corporation yard at the edge of the bus bays. The fencing surrounding these Amtrak facilities will be planted with fast-growing flowering vines. This area was formerly stub-in tracks for business cars for the Southern Pacific and once a grove of trees shaded this area. Therefore, the warehouse south face will be shaded by a large planted wall that covers the new metal building and is a complementary element to the planted perimeter fence wall.