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North Plaza

The north side of the building has long been a service area for movement of baggage and other rail vehicles and prior was an asphalt parking lot and bus bay. For many years a communications tower center with a 100 foot tall tower was in place near the glassed passenger ramps to the tunnels.

Recent improvements have sought to separate and eliminate elements that were impacting passenger circulation. The bus parking was moved to the west with new sheltered bus canopies when light rail and bus service came to the station. A small landscaped plaza area was created.  The communications tower was taken down and Amtrak began charging electric service vehicle in the space.

The Phase 2 project will continue to enhance the passenger and pedestrian experience with an enlarged and improved plaza area that will create a pleasant atmosphere for gathering and dining. New scored concrete will delineate a multi-functioning plaza that will accommodate outdoor seating for a potential café and locate secured bicycle storage around the perimeter to accommodate more than one-hundred bikes. The side walk at the current taxi-queuing zone will be widened to provide better access and maneuverability for pedestrians along the northeastern face of the building.

The former passenger and baggage ramps to the old platforms have been decked over to create opportunity for a retail tenant in an unique ambiance of historic glazed storefront windows adjacent to the new plaza seating area. This seating area is delineated with brick pavers and will be connected to the inside retail space by sliding glass doors constructed from two panels of the historic window system.