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Phase 2 Design

Sacramento Valley Station Phase 2 (SVS-2) focuses on rehabilitating the historic Southern Pacific Depot and its immediate surrounding public ways as the second of a three phase improvements of the Sacramento Valley Station. The project redefines the building in three primary functions on the ground level, with office space on the second level and unique opportunities on the third level.

Amtrak residency in the building and service buildings is seen to be fifteen to twenty years after project completion, until such time that a new facility would be built closer to the realigned tracks, subject to the planning and phasing outlined in the culmination of Phase 3 master planning. Therefore, many of the improvements were designed for this time frame and for re-use designed intentions: The new ticket counter is designed as standalone furniture which when removed will leave the historic lobby much as original and the counter can be relocated; improvements for Amtrak offices can be removed leaving the large interior; the warehouse is a pre-engineered metal building which could be relocated or removed.