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West: Expanded Amtrak Consolidates to West

Sacramento Valley Station Amtrak Ticket Counter rendering

The Phase 1 relocation of the mainline and passenger platforms created extended operating distances for Amtrak and required new vehicle shuttles for passengers with mobility needs similar to stations such as Los Angeles Union Station. The organization of the building will take all of Amtrak’s function to the west side of the Main Waiting Room improve operations to the newly relocated tracks and the service tunnels.

The placement of Amtrak functions to the west provides better efficiency in reducing travel distance and the elimination of conflicts of passenger and vehicular circulation in the center-north plaza area. Pick-up and drop-off for the passenger shuttle will be located near the Amtrak bus bay at the west end of the plaza. Also, relocating Amtrak’s warehouse from the old baggage loading area on the east, to a standalone metal building and new “corporation yard” on the west side for baggage vehicles and carts, the cross-conflict of vehicles and passengers is eliminated.

Amtrak’s offices  and train crew base, which are currently located on the first level east of the Main Waiting Room, will be housed in two floors and occupy the former restaurant and kitchen area. The second level will be accessed by a new elevator and service the return of crew locker quarters above the former kitchen, as were originally located and new management offices in the former telecommunications room above the former restaurant lobby which is repurposed as the new ticket room. These two upper level areas, separated by the two-story restaurant volume with are connected with short bridges to a new interior “box-in-a-box” arrangement that creates two floors of Amtrak functions within the large volume. The upper level will provide 3 briefing rooms for Amtrak train crews and the lower level for support office functions. This new construction within the historic space allows for a restoration of the historic finishes while making the most efficient use of space in order to accommodate more leasable area in the building. The new “box” will be wrapped in a large graphic depicting rail heritage.

The new Amtrak ticketing room, in the former restaurant lobby, will increase from three ticket windows to six windows and provide pass-through baggage check-in similar to airport terminals. Amtrak Quik-Trak machines will be available as well as self-check baggage. The ticket room will be signed on the south exterior with a large monument sign at curbside. A new baggage handling and Baggage Claim area is position off the Ticket lobby and directly connected to the restored Concourse which currently houses Amtrak ticket operations.