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Phase 3

The Sacramento Valley Station (SVS) is a Transit Priority Area (TPA) and is rapidly transforming into a location of regional significance for inter-regional and local transport operations and private and public development.

The SVS Phase 3 planning area consists of the 33 acre city-owned property, including the existing passenger rail station, mainline track corridor and adjacent undeveloped land at the northwest sector of the downtown core; the privately-owned Railway Express Agency (REA) parcel at the eastern side of the station between H and I Streets; and the privately-owned Railyards Lot 40 situated between the SVS and 5th Street north of H Street. All parcels within the planning area are integral and significant to each other and have potential synergy with respect to the operation and expansion of the SVS.

Phase 3 will be undertaken in a series of projects going forward. Planning for the relocation of the Regional Transit light rail station is proceeding for environmental clearance and has long been identified in prior planning and is sequenced as Phase 3A. Master plan work will be identified as Phase 3B and is intended to set the course for future development of the site.