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Transportation Planning

About The Transportation Planning Section

The Transportation Planning section is responsible for planning the City’s future transportation needs, ensuring we support safety and mobility for our communities.   

Our section is involved with the General Plan Mobility Element, corridor studies, and active transportation as well as emerging technologies related to transportation like shared mobility.

Our team is preparing for transition to the City's new website. Please have patience on project updates as we transition. 

Current Programs and Projects

Find out more information about current work below.



The Transportation Planning team are also members of project teams that are in design, which are listed here.

Curious about other projects that are already in the works, maybe going through environmental review, design, or construction?
Visit our partner's page in Engineering Services for those efforts. 

ADOPTED/COMPLETED Plans, Policies AND Projects

Transportation Planning Library graphic with image of books

See our Transportation Plan and Policy Library for a comprehensive list of City transportation plans, policies and projects. 

See HERE for recent work completed by the Transportation Planning team.


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