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Transportation Planning

About The Transportation Planning Section

The Transportation Planning section is responsible for planning the City’s future transportation needs, ensuring we support safety and mobility for our communities.   Our section is involved with the General Plan Mobility Element, corridor studies, and active transportation as well as emerging technologies related to transportation like shared mobility.


Find out more information about current projects:

 Programs and efforts:



Learn more about shared bikes and scooters in Sacramento.

Adopted Policies, Completed Studies and Efforts

Complete Streets Policy 

On December 10, 2019 City Council adopted Resolution 2019-0460 enacting the City's Complete Streets Policy

Envision Broadway in Oak Park

In March 2020, City Council approved the Envision Broadway in Oak Park corridor plan. As part of that planning effort, the city hosted a 2nd Ave Demonstration Project.

Grid 3.0 

Sacramento “Grid 3.0” is the City’s plan to integrate a number of planned transportation improvements and programs and to further enhance the downtown grid.

Bicycling on Sidewalks

Sacramento City Code revisions to laws regarding bicycling on sidewalks



Sacramento City Street Car Bike Bus