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Dixieanne Neighborhood Clean and Green Alley Projects

Map of Dixxieane Map 


Dixieanne Neighborhood Clean & Green Alleys is a project to clean and beautify at least 3,000 linear feet of public right-of-way on any of 23 residential alleys in the community of Old North Sacramento with permeable interlocking pavers, fencing repairs, shade trees, and public art in order to enhance the neighborhood and to encourage community gathering and active transportation. While the primary function of alleys throughout Sacramento is to provide access to the rear of properties, the low volume of traffic and narrow widths allow alleys to also function as safe, low-stress corridors for pedestrians, bicyclists, and even casual play.

The Dixieanne Clean and Green Alley Project is moving forward with exciting developments that underscore our city’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community enhancement. Here’s what’s happening:

  • Artistic Collaboration: A collection of artists, brought together by our partnership with Graffiti for Good, is now working to enrich our alleys with unique paver and bollard designs. These functional art pieces are soon to be a reality.
  • Bollard Acquisition: The city is in possession of the bollards needed to replace the existing gates that will continue to restrict vehicular traffic for safety but also add a visual flair to our neighborhood alleyways.
  • New Fences: In partnership with Sierra Service Project and the Sacramento Reegional Conservation Corps, we are replacing damaged and aging fences for several residential properties adjacent to the alleys set for rehabilitation.
  • Spring Installations: With the arrival of spring, we anticipate the beginning of paver installation, taking advantage of the better weather conditions for construction.
  • Tree Planting Initiative: Thanks to our collaboration with the Sacramento Tree Foundation, up to 20 lots will be beautified with new, climate-appropriate shade trees.

For the most current updates on the placement of bollard art and alley resurfacing, be sure to check out our website’s interactive map. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to transform our shared spaces!


Alley Clean Ups, Community Workshop and “Map Crawl”

A special thank you to Sacramento Picks It Up, the Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps, and the Dixieanne neighbors that joined us for the two clean up events in November 2022 and January 2023 to remove trash from the alleys. Also in December 2022, a community workshop was held to inform residents about the project, and a map crawl to collect feedback from residents on the proposed improvements to the alleys.

Staff Recommendation

The City of Sacramento began collecting feedback August of 2022 through an online community survey on the Dixieanne Clean and Green Alleyways project in North Sacramento. 68 surveys were collected by March 14, 2023 with 52 self-identifying as residents or property owners in the area.

Survey participants shared their preferences for various project components, including paver installation, alleyway gate removal, shade trees, fence improvements, and art installations. Interestingly, there was a near-even split among respondents for replacing existing gates with bollards and keeping the existing gates. A similar trend emerged for artistic options, with decorative pavers and mural installations garnering comparable levels of support.

The most notable finding from the online survey responses was the pressing need to take action and enhance the condition of residential alleyways in the Dixieanne neighborhood.

To facilitate further community engagement, City staff organized a series of eight 30-minute pop-up mapping events on Saturday, January 28th, held on major residential alleyways throughout the Dixieanne neighborhood. Residents were informed in advance by mail and signage was posted days before the event to encourage participation. Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps members also knocked on doors immediately prior to each pop-up to remind neighbors of the event. At each location, residents were encouraged to discuss their specific alley and pinpoint significant areas on an oversized plotted map dedicated to that alley. This interactive exchange allowed residents to offer more nuanced and detailed perspectives, leading to a richer understanding of the needs and preferences of the community.

During the pop-up mapping events, residents expressed their views on a variety of topics, including gate-to-bollard conversions, prioritizing pedestrian access over vehicular traffic, the heat island effect resulting from paver installation, and the resilience of paver art when subjected to car-related impacts.

Taking into account the feedback received, the soil conditions determined by core sampling, and established best practices in alleyway activation, City staff has developed recommendations for paver installation, paver art locations, gate-to-bollard conversions, and bollard artwork installations as indicated in the subsequent map. Property owners along the recommended alleys were contacted to potentially receive grant-funded shade trees and fence repairs as part of the beautification effort. Finally, signage discouraging illegal dumping will be installed throughout the neighborhood.



100% Plans have been completed. The next phase involves installing pavers, which is scheduled between April and June. This will enhance the look and functionality of our communal areas.

Fence Repairs and Backyard Trees

The City solicited for participants along the subject alleys for FREE fence repairs and backyard shade trees to compliment the new pavers, bollards, and artworks. The Sierra Service Project has started work in the neighborhood, replacing fences and planting trees, with the support of the Sacramento Tree Foundation with labor provided by the Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps. This work is an important step in improving our shared spaces.


The local non-profit, GraffitiForGood has been contracted as the Artwork Consultant. The following artists were chosen by a Selection Panel to create 1) vectors images that will be turned into cut pavers to be inlaid onto the alleyway surface and 2) to create and apply images onto the bollards that will be installed in the alleys.


  • Mercy Hawkins
  • Ryan (Leaveswell) Stark
  • Brenyanna Harris-Hill
  • Larry Rodriguez
  • Christine Shields


  • Amber Rankin
  • Brenyanna Harris-Hill
  • Christine Shields
  • Aman Smith
  • Daniel Pedersen
  • Ten Blair
  • Barbara Church
  • John Connolly
  • Austin Blue
  • Leon Willis

A community open house was held on December 30, 2023 to provide an opportunity for the public to get a first look at the preliminary art concepts and provide feedback. Comments were received through January 6, 2024 and shared with the artists. The artists were given an opportunity to revise their pieces based on the feedback received. Paver art designs are being shared with manufacturer for production and bollards should arrive for painting in-house by February.

Community Cleanup Day

We invite you to participate in a Community Cleanup Day on March 9th, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, at Winners Circle Park on Evergreen Street. Tools and gloves will be provided. This event is an opportunity to contribute to the neighborhood’s upkeep and to discuss the project with city staff. Your involvement is appreciated as it helps in both the beautification of our neighborhood and in community building. To help us plan accordingly, please RSVP to this event via this link. Thank you for your continued interest in this project. We hope to see you on March 9th.

clean up flyer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the Dixieanne Neighborhood Clean and Green Alley Project?

To enhance at least 3,000 linear feet of alleyways in Old North Sacramento with improvements like permeable pavers, new fencing, shade trees, and public art, encouraging community gathering and active transportation.

What are the key components of the project?

Artistic collaborations for unique paver and bollard designs, bollard acquisition to replace gates, fence replacements, permeable paver installations, and a tree planting initiative.

What are the anticipated benefits of the project?

To beautify the neighborhood, enhance safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists, and foster a sense of community.

How were fences selected for replacement?

Locations for fence replacement were identified through door-to-door outreach in the community and discussions with property owners. With the owners' permission, a select number of fences in the alleys undergoing improvements were chosen for replacement, enhancing the overall project's impact on the neighborhood's appearance and safety.

How were the artists selected for the project?

Artists were chosen through a collaboration with Graffiti for Good and involved a community-based artist selection panel. This panel reviewed applications from artists, with initial art concepts shared with the community for feedback in late 2023. This goal of this collaborative approach is to try to ensure that the final art reflects the community's vision and values.

Why are the gates being replaced with bollards?

The transition from gates to bollards was made in attempt to balance community desires and the deterrence of criminal activity activities while promoting alley accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. This change supports the project's vision of revitalizing alleys as safe, welcoming spaces for community use.


Please share this information with friends, family, and neighbors who might be interested. The more community involvement, the better our project will be when complete!


Contact the Project Manager

Fedolia "Sparky" Harris, Principal Planner
(916) 808-2996