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Pocket Greenhaven Neighborhood Transportation Plan


Draft Plan

The public draft plan is available here.


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Frequently Asked Questions, and Answers

Throughout the engagement so far, the community has posed some common questions. Visit our summary of frequently asked questions.

Previous Outreach

Online Community Workshops
In March 2021, the City and project team held two online community workshops to share key findings from data collection and community feedback received so far, present about proposed transportation improvements, and obtain feedback from community members about the proposed improvements. More than 100 community members attended and participated in these workshops.

summary of the online workshops.

Community Listening Session
In the Summer of 2020, the City and project team held a series of three listening sessions on May 21, September 16, and September 19. The May session was held with community leaders in the Pocket Greenhaven neighborhood and the September sessions were held with the community-at-large. Each listening session served to introduce the project and obtain community input about existing conditions such as transportation challenges and opportunities.

Maps from the online community workshops are available for you to review and download below:

Online Map Activity

Community members submitted more than 800 comments on an interactive online map activity in 2020. The City and project team learned that residents and neighbors value the great parks, paths, and schools in the neighborhood, but are concerned about poor driver behavior such as speeding and running stop signs. The team also learned that many residents would like to bike and walk for more than recreation, but they are uncomfortable doing so now.

Existing Conditions Summary

The City and project team have completed an existing conditions report for the project. You can review a summary of the report at the following links:


The Pocket Greenhaven Neighborhood is a community with homes, schools, parks, and shopping. The community began to develop in the 1960's, when city planners imagined everyone would travel by car. At the time, their priority was to move cars quickly through the neighborhood.

Today, the City sees rich value in providing opportunities for its communities to walk, bike, scoot, and ride transit as well as drive. This Plan will identify ways to make the Pocket Greenhaven neighborhood even better by identifying transportation-related challenges in the area and developing ways to address them.


The Pocket Greenhaven Neighborhood Transportation Plan will identify roadway improvements to improve safety and mobility throughout the neighborhood with the following actions:

Objectives Infographic 




Contact the project managers:

Leslie Mancebo, Transportation Planner | (916) 808-5581