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Pocket Green Haven Transportation Plan Draft

This plan presents a vision for future mobility in the Pocket Greenhaven neighborhood with improved safety and enhanced options for walking and biking. It includes ten corridor concept level plans that were developed by analyzing existing conditions and applying best practices. After working with the community for two years, the City is ready to present the Draft Pocket Greenhaven Transportation Plan.

You are invited to review the chapters below. The complete report is available.

Chapter 1. Introduction 

Chapter 1 is a brief introduction to the contents of the plan including history, objectives, and the overarching community vision.

Chapter 2. Existing Conditions

This chapter describes the current state of mobility in the Pocket Greenhaven neighborhood, including key findings from review of the current infrastructure, analysis of data such as collision history, and community feedback. 

Chapter 3. Visioning

This chapter describes the vision for transportation in the Pocket Greenhaven neighborhood, was created based needs and desires expressed by the community. This chapter also gives an overview of the community engagement throughout the planning process. 

Chapter 4. Improvements Toolbox

The Improvements Toolbox is the menu of solutions considered to address the transportation needs of the neighborhood. Examples include new and improved signals, stop signs, roundabouts, and features to enhance safety and comfort for people biking and taking transit.

Chapter 5. Neighborhood Improvements 

Each of the items in the improvement strategy toolbox were used in specific locations across the neighborhood where they will be most effective. This chapter describes how key improvements will be implemented through the community.

Chapter 6. Corridor Concept Plans

In addition to the neighborhood wide improvements presented in Chapter 5, this chapter includes conceptual designs and cost estimates for ten focus areas shown below.


Chapter 7. Implementation 

This chapter outlines the next steps to bring the concepts in this plan to fruition. Implementation of proposed corridor improvements may move forward together but more likely will be advanced as independent projects as funding becomes available.