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Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program Grant Opportunity


The Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program is a federal grant program seeking to reconnect communities by removing, retrofitting, or mitigating transportation facilities such as highways and rail lines that create barriers to community connectivity including mobility, access, or economic development. The program provides technical assistance and grant funding for planning and capital construction to address transportation barriers. Some possible projects to address community connectivity include, but are not limited to, high-quality public transportation, infrastructure removal, pedestrian walkways and overpasses, capping and lids, linear parks and trails, roadway redesigns and complete street conversions, and main street revitalizations.

The primary goal of the grant program is to reconnect communities harmed by transportation infrastructure and redress the legacy of harm caused by transportation infrastructure.

This is a very competitive grant program and submissions that best meet the grant scoring criteria are those that will be competitive. The grant scoring criteria are:

  1. Equity, Environmental Justice, and Community Engagement
  2. Mobility and Community Connectivity
  3. Community-based Stewardship, Management, and Partnerships
  4. Equitable Development and Shared Prosperity

The City of Sacramento is seeking to apply to the next funding round of the federal Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program for a planning grant. The planning grant will study removing, retrofitting, or mitigating a current facility to restore community connectivity, conduct public engagement, and more.

Through this effort, City Staff will work with Sacramento communities harmed by transportation barriers to identify which barrier and area of the city should be priority for this grant opportunity.

Expected Timeline


Contact the Project Manager

Casandra Cortez, Transportation Planner
(916) 808-6725